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A gazebo is a wonderful solution for your garden and backyard hosting options, gazebos are used for a verity of different tasks today, but first and foremost a gazebo is a great place to have family and friends enjoy your garden or your backyard. The gazebo market has grown considerably over the last few years, offering an abundance of gazebos made of different materials.

Two very unique gazebo materials are wood and bamboo gazebos, wood is considered to be the classic material for a gazebo, it blends in wonderfully with a garden, providing an all natural feeling and a nice flow, wood is the basic material used to construct the first gazebos years ago.

Gazebos are wonderful for barbecue parties, outdoor cooking,  family gatherings, or simply sipping on a cup of coffee or glass of lemonade on a lazy day. Can gazebos withstand strong winds? If the gazebo is constructed properly, it will hold up even in windy conditions. The reason is that the gazebo canopy is designed with a wind vent that releases strong wind pressure.

In addition, your gazebo would be anchored securely at the vertical points so the base, whether wood, stone, or concrete, is solid. Finally, gazebos are heavy. Will my gazebo have a bug screen?